Engagement portraits at the Green Bay Botanical Garden with Abby and Cody

Abby & Cody’s engagement portraits at the Green Bay Botanical Garden.

We originally were doing to do their engagement session in the snow! However, with everyones schedule things just didn’t work out.  So instead we decided on taking their engagement portraits at the Green Bay Botanical Garden.  As I found out, that is the place where they were engaged! I always love going to the place where a couple was engaged for their engagement portraits.

Now to get to know Abby and Cody a little bit better.

Abby and Cody have been madly in love for over 6 years now.

Here is the story of how they met.

“Every year we would go the the Green Bay Garden of lights together because we both really love Christmas and it was something to do together that was different. This past December we went with my dad to the garden. When we got there my whole family (mother, brother, sister, and grandma) were there. At the time I didn’t think anything of it. We walked through the light show and he said to me that he never took any pictures of us together. So we back tracked to the beginning and went to where the little gazebo chapel is. All of a sudden he says that he lied to me and that the Christmas gift he said that was coming later actually came back in October and that he wasn’t surprised all my family was there because he planned it. All of a sudden he got down on one knee and told me that he knew we have been dating for awhile and that he promises he would never lie to me again and he asked me to be his wife!” ?

Our favorite ice cream is: 

Cake batter at cold stone and his is pistachio at cold stone

How do you take your coffee?

I actually prefer tea with milk and sugar. Cody on the other hand doesn’t drink any coffee or tea

Our favorite date night is:

We have so many and we love trying new ones. As long as we are with each other we have a great time!

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Engagement Portraits at Veterans Park in Milwaukee, WI with Hannah & Luke

Hannah & Luke’s engagement portraits at Veterans Park in Milwaukee, WI

Hannah and Luke have been madly in love for over 2 1/2 years. Their sisters have been best friends since high school, and they reconnected when Hannah moved to Milwaukee.

I love their proposal story! At Thanksgiving Luke  asked Hannah’s Dad for her hand in marriage. They got in the car to go to his family Thanksgiving. 45 seconds after leaving the driveway he was running through all the ideas of how he could propose and got so excited that he blurted it out. She asked if this was for real, he said yes so she said yes. No ring, nothing fancy. Just a guy who got too excited and couldn’t wait!

Their favorite ice cream is pistachio! And for their coffee, just a little cream. Nothing too fancy unless they have the Girl Scout Samoa flavor at Meijer!

Their favorite date night include: Cooking dinner together, and playing video games afterwards.

For their engagement portraits they chose to go to Veterans park with the Milwaukee skyline in the background. And also one that showed their love of video games.

Julie & Brian’s outdoor engagement portraits at Maywood

Julie & Brian have their engagement portraits at Maywood in Sheboygan.

The day that we scheduled the session was one of the warmest days on record for February in Wisconsin!

Julie & Brian don’t live in Sheboygan, so they were not sure on the location for their engagement portraits. After reading my article on 5 places for engagement portraits on Sheboygan, they decided that they would like their engagement portraits at Maywood

It was in the upper 50s when we arrived at Maywood. The first place that we headed was the bridge going over the pigeon river. Whenever I go to Maywood for engagement portraits, or for wedding day portraits, the bridge is always a popular spot!

There was some ice in the river, but it was flowing quite nicely. It was a bit strange for the end of February.  After a few shots on and around the bridge, we decided to head up to the maple forrest. There is a nice overlook there where you can see the two ponds, and some of the river as well.  

On our short walk to the lookout area we saw the maple trees tapped. There were even some volunteers collecting sap.  One of the great things about Maywood is that they collect sap from the maple trees, and make their own maple syrup! There is even an annual even where they explain and show the entire process.

After the lookout area, we headed back to the ecology center. There is a balcony that overlooks the park. We decided to take a few shots there as well. On our walk over, we talked briefly to one of the volunteers, and they recommended what ended up being our last spot for portraits on the day.

Right in between the parking lot and the ecology center there are a few large rocks, and evergreen trees. That is where we finished up our engagement portraits at Maywood. 

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Maegan & Patrick Engagement Portraits Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee, WI

Engagement Portraits at the Pabst Brewery

We had a great time taking Maegan and Patrick’s engagement portraits at the Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee, WI.
I love architecture and history, and I enjoy an occasional good beer as well! So this was a great location for me to photograph at.
Even though I live less than one hour away, and have made many many trips to Milwaukee, I’ve never been to the Pabst Brewery.

Taking the brewery tour has now been moved up on my list of things to do! I’ve heard great things about it. For Maegan and Patrick, they took the tour right before we met for our photo shoot.

Back in September I ran a promotion offering a free engagement session to a select few couples. Maegan & Patrick were the first winners! They chose to have their engagement portraits at the Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee, WI.

Here are a few of my favorite engagement portraits at the Pabst brewery.

I know their wedding is going to be amazing! Thanks for letting me be a part of your journey!

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Want some more information on the Pabst Brewery? Check out their site here. Go ahead and take the tour! Let me know what you think about it!


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5 Great places for Engagement portraits in Sheboygan

Engagement portraits are one of my favorite types of photography.

One of the things I like most about Engagement Portraits, is to see happy couples are in that newly engaged, euphoric, in love stage of their relationship. Quite often they have only just started their wedding planning, and their stress levels are typically quite low.