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You only have one chance to make a first impression. 

Research by Cornell University tells us that when we see a photograph of somebody, we almost immediately make an assessment of that person and their character. Almost immediately, on the spot! This is why it’s so important that your headshot has substance. 

You’ve probably heard the saying that “people buy from people that they know, like and trust”, and so what better way to build trust and establish a rapport than by putting a face to your name.

Businesses of all sizes invest in beautiful offices, expensive furniture, brilliant people, the best equipment, and rightly so, to send out a message to potential clients, that they are professional, experts in their field. So, it’s important that we understand why a headshot is necessary. Sure, it’s great that people can put a face to a name. But the real reason a headshot is necessary is so that before potential clients meet you or have the chance to walk through your doors, that they have the impression that you’re an expert in your field, a confident and approachable person. 

Headshots aren’t just for actors anymore!

The most important and cost-effective way to increase your perceived confidence and approachability is a professional headshot, shot by a headshot photographer who knows and understands why you need a headshot. I believe that it’s important to provide you with a headshot that puts the work in for you online, 24 hrs a day. That doesn’t go against what you’re working hard to achieve.

93% of recruiters and HR managers check out candidates’ social media profiles before extending a job offer.

LinkedIn, the #1 site for leveraging your professional presence, boasts that members with a professional photo are 10 times more likely to receive a message from recruiters and users with professional headshots get 14 times more views than users without one.