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How to choose your Wedding Videographer

Today I’m talking to Dave Ottensmen of Open Door A/V. 

What are you top 3 tips for how to choose your Sheboygan wedding videographer?

Tip 1: 

Choose a videographer that will work with YOU.  Make sure you are clear with what you are looking for, and make sure he/she will work with you on what you want.  

Tip 2: 

Choose a videographer that enjoys working with other vendors (photographer, venue, etc).  This is crucial as you need each vendor to work as a team to make it successful.  

Tip 3: 

Choose a videographer that is creative to your needs.  Like photography, video/film is an art.  A good videographer will capture things that are unexpected, and let the day happen as it will, but also create stages that are believable and memorable.

What are the two biggest mistakes that wedding couples make when choosing a videographer? 

 A videographer may not have the client sign a contract.  This is important as it has legal value to recoup your costs if he/she does not follow through.  
Second, a videographer doesn