How to choose your wedding photographer

How to choose your Wedding Photographer

If you are like most engaged couples, you have probably never hired a wedding photographer before. So before you do, go ahead and read some tips about how to choose your wedding photographer.

My first tip would be to look at their work!

Photographers have different styles of photographing weddings. Some photographers have a very traditional style, some do more photojournalistic, and other are more contemporary. And some do a combination of those. Look at a few different photographers websites, and make sure that you enjoy their style of photography before going to meet with them.

Next, meet with them in person.

There are two reasons for meeting with them before you hire them.  First is to see their work in person. Look at more than just their portfolio. Ask to see an entire wedding. Their portfolio has just their best hand picked work.  Second, you need to meet with them to see if your personalities match up. If they are very outgoing and loud, and you are very reserved and laid back, then you will probably not be happy with them on your wedding day.

The photographer that you choose to work with will be spending a lot of time with you on your wedding day. Make sure it is someone that you get along with. If you and your photographer don