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Julie & Brian’s outdoor engagement portraits at Maywood

Julie & Brian have their engagement portraits at Maywood in Sheboygan.

The day that we scheduled the session was one of the warmest days on record for February in Wisconsin!

Julie & Brian don’t live in Sheboygan, so they were not sure on the location for their engagement portraits. After reading my article on 5 places for engagement portraits on Sheboygan, they decided that they would like their engagement portraits at Maywood

It was in the upper 50s when we arrived at Maywood. The first place that we headed was the bridge going over the pigeon river. Whenever I go to Maywood for engagement portraits, or for wedding day portraits, the bridge is always a popular spot!

There was some ice in the river, but it was flowing quite nicely. It was a bit strange for the end of February.  After a few shots on and around the bridge, we decided to head up to the maple forrest. There is a nice overlook there where you can see the two ponds, and some of the river as well.  

On our short walk to the lookout area we saw the maple trees tapped. There were even some volunteers collecting sap.  One of the great things about Maywood is that they collect sap from the maple trees, and make their own maple syrup! There is even an annual even where they explain and show the entire process.

After the lookout area, we headed back to the ecology center. There is a balcony that overlooks the park. We decided to take a few shots there as well. On our walk over, we talked briefly to one of the volunteers, and they recommended what ended up being our last spot for portraits on the day.

Right in between the parking lot and the ecology center there are a few large rocks, and evergreen trees. That is where we finished up our engagement portraits at Maywood. 

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