Why should I order a Wedding Album?

Why should I order an wedding album when I can just look at the photos anytime I want on my phone?

That’s a great question! To continue the conversation from a few weeks ago when we talked about weather or not we should even order prints anymore. Today we are talking about albums.

It seems that these days more and more people are looking at photos on their phone. (Myself included)

While we are seeing photos all the time on social media. It’s my personal opinion that we are being desensitized to photos these days. Just open up Facebook, or Instagram, or Snap chat. Photos are everywhere! So why should you order an album? Do they even matter anymore?

With every wedding that I photograph, I include a ‘preview album’.

That preview album includes every Photo from the data. They are also numbered as well to make albums creation and ordering the prints even easier. Just a couple weeks ago I was at a former clients house. And on her dining room table was her wedding album.

Now this client got married eight years ago. When I flipped through her wedding album it’s still look brand-new and she had it out on the dining room table where people could see it. After your wedding day you will be very excited and want to share your beautiful photos with everyone that you know.

When friends come over they will not want to sit and look at your computer or phone and look at your Facebook page to see the photos.

However if you have a beautiful Album is sitting on your coffee table or on your dining room table or on the end table in your living room they are much more likely to pick that up to look at your beautiful wedding day images. A good wedding album will be able to tell the story of your perfect day and what better way to Share it with your friends and family.

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  1. Rob Brook says

    Great blog post. Couples don’t realise that their digital photos are actually ageing and becoming obsolete other time with the betterment of digital technology. I got married in 2004 and I was probably one the first to have a digital wedding. Now in 2016 those photos are truly awful to view on a large screen TV as the photos were output at 72dpi. Just imagine how bad images taken today will look when UHD2 is realised in 5 to 10 years time! UHD2 will be 16 times better than today’s TV. Printing is the only way to safeguard your wedding photos!

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